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Monday, November 19, 2018

Thanksgiving Inspiration for those in Recovery

For many people in recovery, getting together with family for Thanksgiving can cause stress and trigger cravings. But here’s hope. First, if you think that a big holiday celebration will put your sobriety at risk, make plans with a few close friends or family members who support your recovery. It’s okay to be selfish this season and put your mental health and recovery first.

If you’re ready for the upcoming holiday, take heart: These tips may just be the inspiration you need to prep yourself – mind, body, and spirit – for a happy, healthy sober Turkey Day!
  • Eat healthfully. Do your best this week to stick to a healthful diet and don’t skip breakfast on Thanksgiving. You’ll want to avoid any possible triggers – including being “hungry” (the “H” in the famous acronym HALT). This will help you to feel more balanced, calm and better prepared to handle whatever comes your way.
  • Prioritize sleep. Try to go to bed and wake up the same time this week and focus on practicing a sleep ritual each night. Having a few nights of restorative sleep with allow you to better manage emotions and feel more “even keel” on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Don’t skimp on exercise. Again, just like a healthy diet and proper sleep, regular exercise will help you take on the day with a more relaxed and positive mindset. Go for a jog or meet up with some friends for a game of touch football or kickball Thanksgiving morning.
  • Keep up with your recovery tasks. The holidays don’t mean a break from recovery activities – including therapy sessions, support groups or even holistic treatments. Keeping up these crucial tasks will help safeguard your sobriety and serve as a reminder of all the hard work you’ve put into your recovery. 
  • Recruit a support network. Ask one or two recovery peers to be available – via text or email – if you need some help enduring the holiday stress or just need to talk with someone who really gets what you’re going through.
  • Say thanks. This is the season for gratitude and you have a lot to feel grateful for now that you’re in recovery. Gratitude has been linked to better sleep, reduced stress, less toxic emotions and more resilience – all key ingredients for a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!
Grateful for a Sober Life
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