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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Advantages of Combining College and Rehab

Recovering from an addiction doesn’t have to put a stop to your education. Yet transitioning to college when in recovery from a substance use disorder can be challenging. While most young adults relish the freedom and independence of going away to school, the additional social pressures to drink or use drugs — plus the stress of being apart from loved ones and trusted treatment professionals — can be detrimental to recovery. 

For many young adults, combining rehab and academics into one program is the perfect solution for sustained recovery. Beyond helping you to reach your recovery and academic goals, participating in a college program at a well-established rehab center can offer you or someone you love a wide range of benefits and advantages, including: 
  • Lessens relapse triggers and risk of relapse.
  • Offers a structured learning environment.
  • Keeps you on track by making sure you are going to class and doing homework.
  • Provides periodic drug tests.
  • Minimizes “taking a break” or a “stop-start” approach to education. 
  • Keeps you focused while achieving your sobriety and education goals.
  • Teaches strategies for coping with the stress of college-oriented tasks.
  • Builds a sober social network of peers.
  • Provides sober extracurricular activities. 
  • Gives added support via a dedicated academic counselor to help you balance sobriety and academic.
About Sobriety College at Hope Academy
If you are or someone you love is a college student caught in the throes of substance abuse, Hope Academy may be the ideal rehab program for you. Our peer-based rehab program provides the safety and support you need to succeed in school and at sobriety. We even provide transportation to and from the center, school, and sober activities. To learn more about our college home and sobriety program, call today: 866-930-4673.

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