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Friday, November 11, 2016

6 Ways to Boost Your Body Image

Eating disorders and poor body image aren’t just “women’s problems.” And, in fact, food and body image struggles often surface for men after the substance abuse has ceased, during early recovery. 

Take heart: Help is out there and there are even ways that you can help yourself to feel better about your body. Start with these tips adopted from the National Eating Disorder Association:

Focus on what makes you, well, you. Your identity is not determined by body size, shape, or weight. It’s how you treat others and yourself as well as your unique gifts and potential. For example, are you patient, caring, creative, or a good friend? 

Remind yourself that everyone is unique. There’s no such thing as the “right” body or size; we are all different shapes and sizes. Spend less time striving for so-called perfection and more time accepting your body just the way it is. 

Marvel at what your body can do. The human body is pretty amazing, no matter what it looks like. Take note of the way your thighs help you run or jump or how your arms enable you to reach out and hug someone you love.

Think positively. Negative self-talk, like “I look fat” or “I’ll never lose weight,” does more harm than good. Replace any negative thoughts with positive messages. For example, “the number on the scale doesn’t define me. I’m a worthwhile person no matter how much I weigh.” 

Choose your friends wisely. Surrounding yourself with people who respect and support you is an important part of recovery, especially if you’re struggling with addiction and body image issues. Limit interactions with friends who are overly concerned with weight or appearance.

Reframe your thinking about diet and exercise. Physical activity and proper nutrition aren’t just tools for weight loss. Rather, they are critical in self-care and in providing you with the energy to succeed at sobriety.

Body Image Help at Hope Academy
For clients who struggle with body image issues as well as addiction, we offer dual diagnosis treatment. We encourage clients to address challenges they may be facing as their newly sober body begins to change. To learn more, call today: 

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