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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Your Face on Drugs

You always hear about the physical and emotional effects of long-term drug use – but what about the toll addiction specifically takes on your face. Just look at the millions of “before and after drugs” shots flooding the Internet. You may even have some of your own. It’s pretty scary how different someone can look in active addiction – and even scarier what’s really causing those changes in appearance. 

Here are some of the ways drugs can damage your face: 

Your skin: Drug abuse certainly can age your appearance and
that’s because some drugs cause a loss of skin elasticity. The result: premature sagging and wrinkles.

Your teeth: Some drugs dry out the salivary glands and many addicts have been found to grind their teeth. But the most devastating drug to your dental health is methamphetamines, which cause tooth decay and gum disease. There’s even a term for it, “meth mouth.”

Your breath: Poor dental hygiene makes your mouth prime for gingival lesions and periodontal disease as well as rampant halitosis (aka bad breath).

Your hair: From excessive growth to hair loss and changes in color and texture, drug abuse damages those tresses. Luckily, many of these effects are reversible once you become sober. 

Your eyes: Red, bloodshot, or glazed eyes are a typical symptom of drug abuse but what you can’t see is the long-term damage that’s being caused. For example, cocaine users are at an increased risk for pen-angle glaucoma, the most common type of glaucoma and the second-most common cause of blindness in the United States.

Stopping the Side Effects of Addiction
Early intervention is the best way to combat the physical and emotional health consequences of substance abuse. If you or someone you love has a drug problem, get the help you need today. Call: 866-930-4673.   
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