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Friday, April 22, 2016

3 Tips for Surviving the End of School

3 tips for surviving the end of schoolWith the first day of summer just two months away, students in colleges and vocational programs are dragging themselves to the finish line. If you find yourself unmotivated, distracted, and longing for the beach, it’s time to hit the reset button. Begin by refocusing on your goals and making time for self-care. With an outlook adjustment and some solid sleep, you’ll finish the school year strong—and without regrets.

• Focus on food. When energy levels are already low, ramen noodles, pizza, and soda won’t carry you through term papers and late nights. Busy (and broke) students often neglect proper nutrition, but it’s an essential part of fueling your body and brain. Nutrient-dense foods don’t have to be expensive. Healthy, filling options include apples, sweet potatoes, broccoli, zucchini, oatmeal, and brown rice. And, when you skip the processed foods, you leave more space in your budget for fresh produce and quality proteins. Remember to incorporate healthful fats, too: avocados, olives, nuts, and flaxseed.

• Get help when you need it. Before finals roll around, visit instructors during office hours to ask questions and clarify gray areas. Not sure you have enough credits to graduate? Head to your academic advisor. Stress got you down? Visit your school’s counseling center or have coffee with a friend or mentor. If you have begun self-medicating for anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts, contact a credentialed mental health professional for immediate and ongoing treatment.

• Unplug for short periods. Studies show that college students spend up to 50% of their waking hours on smart phones or devices. While there’s no escaping technology during your academic journey, it’s important to give your brain a break from constant screen stimulation. Turn your phone off for an hour a day, go for a walk and leave the devices behind, or attend a yoga class and focus on your breath. Going off the grid decreases anxiety levels, combats the “fear of missing out,” and allows us to experience true, rejuvenating stillness. When you return to your studies, you’ll be rested and ready to concentrate.

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