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Thursday, February 25, 2016

When Spring Fever Is in the Forecast, Add Outdoor Time to Your Study Plans

benefits of studying outdoorsEvery year as days grow longer and warmer, a phenomenon breaks out on college campuses. Spring Fever erupts spontaneously from coast to coast, and students who are preparing for midterm exams and term papers find themselves struggling to concentrate. Libraries and dorm rooms are left behind as students migrate outdoors for sports, sunbathing, and relaxation.

Make a Plan to Keep Yourself on Track 
As generations of college students have learned, fighting Spring Fever is a hopeless endeavor. The best you can do is develop a plan that keeps your work on track as you allow yourself some springtime R & R. Here are a few tips to help you focus amid the many campus distractions:

Start with some spring-cleaning in your workspace or dorm room. A cluttered work area is just another reason to escape outdoors when you don’t want to study.

Set a schedule that begins early. You’ll want to enjoy every second of daylight you can, so don’t linger in bed. Eat well, too. You’ll need the energy that a healthy diet provides.

Spring may invite spontaneity, but structure will help you stay focused. Plan outdoor activities around classes & studying. Keep a checklist of assignments & studying that must be done; then, reward yourself with time outside when you have accomplished them.

Move your exercise routine from the gym to the outdoors. Physical activity sharpens your mind and uses up some of your restlessness. Take an early run, then shower & study for a while.

Take your reading outdoors, or join classmates in an outdoor study group. You’ll soak up some vitamin D & enjoy the social interaction—as long as you can stay focused for a period of time.

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