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Monday, January 18, 2016

Life Coaching and Its Role in Addiction Recovery

addiction recovery life coachingWhile sobriety colleges like Hope Academy are known for helping students complete their college degree or embark upon vocational training, they also integrate life coaching into young adult drug and alcohol recovery programs. Life coaching is critical for addicts of all ages and walks of life. At some point after the early stages of rehab, you must begin to the transition back to relationships, jobs, leisure activities, and “normalcy.” Life skills workshops and life coaching offer practical ways to embrace a sober life, improve time management, find a work-life balance, and plan for a bright career future.

Benefits of Life Coaching
Life skills coaching is not the same as therapy and is not a substitute for group or individual addiction counseling. Instead, it is designed to help clients develop a healthy routine and provide them with strategic ways to tackle the activities of daily living—from getting finances in order to setting healthy relationship boundaries. Life coaching may also help participants:

• Build confidence & refine character
• Achieve specific goals in any life arena
• Feel more prepared for job interviews & career planning
• Stay motivated in your sobriety journey
• Develop methods for confronting challenges
• Find new hobbies & interests
• Communicate effectively
• Avoid relapse

Know Your Weaknesses
As you work your way through recovery, you will begin to understand yourself better. Pursue life coaching for your particular areas of weakness, and along the way, you may discover other areas that could use your attention, as well. Most importantly, remember that life after recovery is a big transition—and offer yourself grace as you learn new habits and reframe your life around sobriety. 

Life Skills Coaching at Sobriety College
Our sobriety college allows students to live in Hope by the Sea’s college home while enrolled in classes or vocational training. During the experience, students participate in life skills workshops designed to make “real life” more manageable, less scary, and more successful—without relying on drugs or alcohol. To learn more about Hope Academy and our life skills training opportunities, call our team at 866.930.4673 today.
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