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Friday, December 16, 2016

Millennials and Addiction

Are Millennials more at risk for addiction? Some studies say yes — and perhaps one reason is that the adolescent brain, which is impulsive and risk-taking, is wired to get addicted to things.

From e-cigarettes to smartphones, a Bustle magazine highlighted some aspects of millennial life that create the possibility of “an addiction loop in the brain, creating a driving need, going into withdrawal if denied, and needing more and more to keep itself happy and rewarded.”

Here’s a quick summary:

E-cigarettes: They are now the number-one tobacco product among Millennials, and young people are particularly vulnerable to its effects, according to the Surgeon General. These include nicotine addiction, use of other addictive substances, reduced impulse control, deficits in attention and cognition deficits and mood disorders.

Cell phones: Being attached to your smartphone can trigger a behavioral addiction, which produces some of the same effects in the brain as substance use disorder, including withdrawal.

Gaming: Specifically multiplayer online gaming (think Pokemon Go) has been linked to behavioral addiction among adolescents. One study notes that this can lead to “preoccupation with gaming, lying gaming use, lost interest in other activities, withdrawal from family and friends, and the use of gaming as a means of psychological escape, noted the article.

Multi-tasking: Constantly switching from Facebook to email to twitter – also known as multi-tasking – has been linked to addictive behavior. And it can also put you at risk for reduced brain volume and emotional intelligence, according to a 2016 study cited in the article.

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