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Monday, September 28, 2015

Picking Up the Financial Pieces During Recovery

finances in addiction recoveryAddiction can turn your world upside down in untold ways. Your emotional well being, relationships, and physical health all take a beating. When you entered a rehab program, you probably expected to work on these areas of your life. Now that you’re doing the hard work and committed to leading a life of sobriety, it’s time to focus on your finances.

Money Matters

Many recovering addicts find themselves in dire straits, financially speaking. Young adults who are just starting out on their own dime often have trouble making sense of money, even in the best of circumstances. When addiction clouds your judgment – and burns through a significant pile of cash – learning to budget, pay taxes, and support yourself can be even more difficult.

While money can be a source of stress, try not to let it derail your recovery. Just like every other aspect of your treatment, your finances will fall into place with the right tools and some perseverance.

Use Your Tools

Lean on your counselor if your financial woes are constantly on your mind. Talk about your specific worries relating to money; just getting it off your chest can ease your stress and your substance abuse treatment team may have some suggestions or recommendations that could help you turn your finances around.

Life skills programs are designed for people who need help learning how to live a sober life independently. Take advantage of classes and one-on-one sessions that teach you how to budget, be smarter with money, plan for tax time, and save before you spend.

And don’t forget to communicate with your loved ones, too. Even if you’ll be on your own in the financial sense, a support system makes everything easier.

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