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Monday, September 14, 2015

Causes of Addiction: The Angst of Youth, Mental Illness, or Both?

young adult rehab CAWhen you first admit that you are caught up in substance abuse and in need of help, a flood of emotions pours in. You go through feelings of fear, disappointment, guilt, anger, and even relief.

Then, the questions begin. “Why?” “How did this happen?” “What’s wrong with me?”

While the answers to these questions are not readily apparent, they could be instrumental in determining your treatment. That’s why your journey to recovery at Hope Academy begins with a series of tests and a complete assessment to determine if mental illness has played a part in your dependency.

The Age-Old Chicken or Egg Riddle
Which came first? There is no clear answer. Young people routinely go through periods of emotional highs and lows as their bodies and personalities develop. At the same time, they face the demands of early adulthood. They must make decisions, take on responsibilities, and learn to fit in socially. Not everyone is prepared for these pressures, and some turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the pain and anxiety they feel.

It is at this very stage of a person’s development that mental health conditions also start to emerge and add to the mix of emotional swings, uncertainties, and feelings of isolation. A young adult, frightened by new and unexplained perceptions and feelings, may then turn to addictive substances in an effort to self-medicate the pain away. This complicates the picture, and the combination of problems may mean that the mental illness goes unrecognized for years.

Dual-Diagnosis for Success in Recovery
Admitting your addiction and entering rehab is a big first step in changing your life. But if your substance abuse is masking an underlying mental disorder, you will not fully recover until both conditions are addressed. Mental Illness and addiction may share many of the same symptoms, but they require different treatments.

At Hope Academy, your initial assessment will be followed up with a personalized treatment plan. If a mental disorder is indicated, the plan will include specialized therapy for the condition. Because it is so hard to unravel the cause and effect relationship between co-occurring addiction and mental illness, you’ll be treated for both conditions at the same time to achieve the best results.

Develop Your Full Potential

Are you worried that your addiction may be tied to a serious mental disorder? Hope Academy Rehab can help you sort out your mixed emotions, physical symptoms, and addiction root causes. Then, through our one-on-one coaching, sobriety college, and job prep programs, we’ll help you discover your full potential. Call 866-930-4673 and visit with a member of our CA addiction treatment team to learn about admissions and to explore insurance coverage. Our intake specialists are available 24/7 to get you the help you need!
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