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Monday, November 16, 2015

Handling the College Social Scene as a Sober Student

staying sober in collegeKnown for its emphasis on partying, alcohol, and social substance abuse, the college scene can be a scary place for a recovering drug or alcohol addict. According to the Alcohol Policies Project, binge drinking is the most serious problem on college campuses. It is believed that over 44% of U.S. students participate in this pastime.

A 2014 National Institutes of Drug Abuse study shows that 6% of college students smoke a joint every day. For the first time, this number is higher than the number of students who light up a cigarette every day (5%). “It is clear that for the past seven or eight years there has been an increase in marijuana use among the nation’s college students,” says study leader Lloyd Johnson, a researcher from the University of Michigan.

While these statistics are alarming for those trying to stay clean while they pursue higher education, there are sober college opportunities that make it easier. Saddleback Community College, for example, is a fully accredited community college offering more than 300 associate degrees and certificates. Hope Academy partners with Saddleback College to provide a college experience that helps students stay focused on sobriety while taking on the responsibility of college coursework and job planning.

Tips for Staying Sober at College

• If you are immersed in an atmosphere that encourages partying and substance abuse, the first thing to do is shore up your defenses. Stay in regular contact with your sponsor, pastor, therapist, or addiction counselor. Build a sober community of likeminded individuals who choose to replace partying with game nights, movies, bowling, and other social alternatives.

• Go to coffee houses or the student union instead of the bars. You’ll still find a vibrant social scene, but you won’t subject yourself to triggers you may not be able to resist.

• Join a group committed to a physical training program and plan for a 5K, half marathon, or triathlon. Begin a yoga practice or become a certified instructor. Many students say that when they are focused on a physical goal, it’s easier to stay away from unhealthy substances.

For many students, college life would be nothing without a party atmosphere. For the recovering alcoholic or drug addict, steering clear of the party scene can mean the difference between life and death. If you are in recovery and are dedicated to furthering your education through college coursework or vocational training, Hope Academy welcomes you. Our sobriety college allows students to live in Hope by the Sea’s college home while enrolled in classes, and students continue to participate in therapy, support groups, and relapse prevention planning while they attend school. To speak with our team about how you can afford drug rehab and sobriety college, click here. To learn more about Hope Academy, call our team at 866.930.4673 today.
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