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Friday, November 20, 2015

A Letter to the Future Me: Visualizing Recovery Success

letter to your future self recoveryVisualization is a technique often used to aid personal achievement in sports and career goals. It helps an individual focus on goals in a concrete and more meaningful way. It stands to reason, then, that visualization would also be a useful tool for someone just beginning the journey to sobriety and recovery.

When you reached a point where alcohol and drugs disrupted your life and sidetracked your dreams, you had the courage to get help. Now that you are in treatment, you are finally able to look forward again. It is time to start reconnecting with those waylaid dreams and setting new goals.

Write a Letter to Yourself 
An interesting visualization exercise involves writing a letter to your future self. In rehab, you are getting insights into the aspects of your life that led you to substance abuse. In recovery, you will still need to deal with such problems, but you will have new strategies, support, and motivation to aid you. Such empowerment will make you a different person. What will that person be like?

• Will the new you want to return to school?
• Will you continue with the same occupational goals, or will you want to branch out into a new field? • Where will you want to live? With a roommate, or would you prefer to live alone?
• Do you want to reconnect with anyone? Will you be making new friends? In what situations?
• Do you see yourself participating in activities: mountain biking, yoga, theater, art class, gardening, or volunteering?
• Will your personality be different? Has your time in rehab helped you mature? Will you be more confident?

Share Your Letter with Your Therapist
As you share dreams, goals, and thoughts with your future self, you will be creating a vision of the life you are hoping to live. You may also be revealing your apprehensions and self-doubts. Rehab is a great time to examine these uncertainties. Share your letter with your rehab counselor or support group. Their input will give you perspective and help you achieve the new life you have envisioned for yourself.

The Gateway to Your Recovery
At Hope Academy you’ll find innovative rehab programs to help young adults like you find new meaning in life. When drugs and alcohol have put your future on hold, you need a substance-free way back to school, work, and social activities. Our peer-based programs offer career counseling and college prep, in addition to rehab therapy. Our admissions team at 866-930-4673 is waiting to assist you with insurance verification and enrollment. Call now to begin the journey to a better future for yourself or your loved one.
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