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Friday, August 28, 2015

Choosing A Career, Part II – Three Steps to Help You Decide

There is no guarantee that the career path you start down in college will remain the path you stay on all your working life. Personal growth, technological advances, and economic changes are a few of the unexpected detours that might one day steer you into a change of vocation. Doing some soul searching and practical research now, at the start of your career, will help you avoid pitfalls. With thoughtful preparation, you’ll be on your way to making your first career choice the right one.

Step I: Discover yourself. 
·      Begin by doing an inventory of your likes and dislikes: “Like to be outside; dislike being in an office.” “Like having a plan; dislike the unexpected.”
·      List any experience or skills you might have. Did you work during summer vacations? Do you have a talent for music, art, or sports? Have you participated in volunteer activities that taught you a particular skill set?
·      Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Do you like to study? Are you an active person? Do you lead or just prefer to go your own way?

Having a clearer idea of your personality and competencies will make it easier to pair yourself with a compatible career.

Step II: Imagine your life.

·      What lifestyle are you hoping to achieve through your work? Will your career have a potential income to support such a lifestyle? Check sites like to find salary ranges for different occupations.
·      How much education will you need? Success in some careers requires an advanced degree.  Are you willing to make such a commitment?
·      What kind of work environment can you expect? Travel? Isolation? High pressure? Long hours? Are those factors acceptable to you?

Envisioning the type of life you would have will help you determine if a career is right for you.

Step III: Explore the career. 

Before you get too far down a career path, you need to know just how far that road will take you.

·      Is the field expanding, or is the number of jobs limited?
·      Will you have opportunities for advancement? Are there related occupations that might offer additional opportunities?
·      Is it a dynamic career where initiative and imagination are rewarded?

Visualizing and preparing for the twists and turns of a career path will help you to respond flexibly and avoid dead ends.

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